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Finally an easy way to carry those special rocks you find!
Museum Specimens
Olive colored heavy duty 22oz reinforced seam canvas bucket is 9-1/2" inside diameter and 11" deep. It has a steel
top and bottom rings sewn in the canvas to retain shape and a heavy duty adjustable carrying strap.
This bucket collapses to 2" or less when empty for easy storage and travelling. It also has the carry strap sewn
across the bottom for better weight support.
This bucket will even carry 2 gallons of water if you soak it in water for a few minutes. Great rock buckets and great
desert and camping Water Buckets! (Great for survival kits!)

Another "must have" item for your collecting trips.
Collapsible 22 oz Olive Canvas Rock
Collecting and Water Bucket

Item # CB3

$19.95 each
8 each
Finding quality and durable collapsible Canvas Rock Collecting Buckets has been an ongoing and ever changing
endeavor. Most Rock Collectors have been through the cycle of trying backpacks, metal buckets, plastic buckets
(which break at the most inoppertune times), and finally canvas buckets.

The first canvas buckets we sold were salmon colored 9" diameter with a single steel top ring and 12" deep with a thin
These would also carry 2 gallons of water when presoaked.These worked pretty well but soon became unavailable
The next buckets we sold were Olive Drab (OD) green with a stronger carry strap than the salmon buckets. This bucket
also was 9" in diameter with a single steel top ring and a depth of 12" also. It had two bottom loops for belt or
backpack military style carry. These would also carry 2 gallons of water when presoaked.
Our current buckets are the best ones we have found so far. They are a thick canvas Olive Drab (OD) green also but
there atr two steel reinforcing rings, one top and one bottom that help it hold its shape much better. Also the strap is a
strong strap that runs fully down both sides AND across the bottom for extra support. These work very well for rock
collecting, hiking, camping or any outdoors activity. They also hold 2 gallons of water. The handle strap on this one is a
bit shorter than our previous OD bucket but it seems to work out just fine.