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Ultra-Violet Lights for Fluorescent Minerals
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The Thomas S. Warren Museum of Fluorescence was founded in 1999 to better share the wonders of
fluorescence with the public and to serve as an educational facility for teachers of science and technology.  The
museum is on the same grounds as, and is part of, the Sterling Hill Mining Museum and is managed by the same

The Sterling Hill Mining Museum The industrial complex that was once the Sterling Hill zinc mine is now open
to the public as the Sterling Hill Mining Museum.

The Franklin Mineral Museum A fascinating nature, history and science center just one hour's drive from New
York City.
Ultra-Violet (UV) lights for viewing fluorescent minerals.
If you have ever been to a museum or rock display you have probably seen a fluorescent minerals display cabinet with
brilliant red, green and other colors of rocks and minerals that seem to be as bright as neon lighting! These displays show
rocks and minerals that you might just walk past without even noticing them....that is....untill you shine an Ultra-Violet light
on them that makes them explode with color. This is a very special natural occurance of minerals that respond to UV
lighting. They are not radio-active, and will not harm you...they just glow, kind of like the 4th of July glow sticks.
The biggest problem with collecting fluorescent minerals is finding a UV light to display your minerals and rocks.
Traditionally, UV lights are VERY EXPENSIVE!
We built a fluorescent display in a four foot long store counter
cabinet. We installed 2 each Raytech Model LS-218CB
Longwave/Shortwave light fixtures (currently selling for $750.00 each
http://www.gemworld.com/Ultraviolet.asp) in it to evenly illuminate
our fluorescent display specimens. Everyone who visits us wants to
see our fluorescent mineral display. Chris changes the specimens
from time to time but the famous "New Jersey Glow" is always a
brilliant favorite of the viewers!
We later needed handheld lights for field use. We procured the battery operated 9W Way too Cool triple wave light
SW/MW/LW (254/368/312 nm) from Bill Gardner (who designed and builds these lights) at  
http://fluorescents.com/index.html. We also bought the battery pack and charger for this. He currently sells this light
model 9SML-12 for $480.00. We later bought the 120 volt AC model 9SML-110 (currnetly selling for $430.00) and a
viewing box specially made for these way too cool lights to use at rock and mineral shows. As you can see, we have
several thousand dollars invested in Ultra-Violet lights.
The restrictive costs of getting into fluorescent minerals has stopped many collectors from having a Fluorescent collection. For
years we have been looking for inexpensive lights of decent quality to sell on our website. We have found a couple of lights that
are great for first time beginners and beginning field searchers that are affordable and do a nice job displaying fluorescent
minerals. We hope this helps you get started! It's an exciting division in the rock and mineral world!